PPEPL Composite Silicone rubber Insulators have qualified in 1000hrs Tracking and Erosion test as per IEC 62217 at CPRI.

The PPEPL Composite Silicone rubber Insulators meet the requirements of IEC: 61109, IEC:60815, IEC: 62217 and any relevant Standards.

FRP core Rods are manufactured in –house using ECR grade Glass Fiber and high quality Epoxy Resin System from global suppliers use of good quality Silicone rubber from established suppliers.



In house Production & Testing


Pioneer has the latest European designed machines such as Injection Moulding, computer controlled crimping etc for the production of Silicone composite Insulators.

The machines and moulds are capable of manufacturing world class insulators that have uniform -- thickness across the length and are impenetrable to moisture and humidity thereby ensuring long service life.


To ensure that our insulators compile with the standards and specifications of IEC .Pioneer has a full-fledged IN house testing facilities, including Polymer Lab, Mechanical lab and High voltage lab.


Mechanical Thermal Chemical Others
ADVANTAGES No Cleaning ,
No Maintenance
Safety No effect by
Thermal Shock
Hydrophobicity Low Life Cycle cost
Safety Low weight Manufacturing flexibility
Design Flexibility NO breaking Not Fragile
High Performance
under Pollution
Resistance to
Easy Handling and Installation
ONE Single piece no joints in the core. Resistance to seismic shocks

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